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Immunity booster
Planet friendly

Our crunchy kibble for small adult dogs contains insects, chicken, and many other ingredients such as sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, beetroot, and cranberries. So it is packed with high-quality proteins and has a healthy mix of delicious vegetables and fruits. 

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For optimal nutrition


Winner winner insect diner. Unique source of high quality protein.

Sweet Potatoes

A powerful immunity booster rich in vitamin A and fiber.


Exceptional source of beta-carotene, fibre and antioxidants


An apple a day keeps the veterinarian away. Apples are rich in natural vitamins.


Full of important proteins that stimulate a better digestion.


Packed with vitamin E and ideal for a healthy bladder

Nutritional values


Dried chicken protein (20%), dried insect protein (15%) (meal worm), chicken fat (11%), sweet potatoes (10%), dried potato flakes, peas, split peas, chicken gravy, dried beet pulp, salmon oil, minerals, dried brewer’s yeast, dried apples (0,5%), dried carrots (0,5%), yeast extract (a natural source of MOS and beta glucans), dried chicory (a natural source of FOS and inulin), dried cranberries (0,01%), Yucca schidigera.


VITAMINS: Vitamin A: 15.000,0 IU; Vitamin D3: 1.500,0 IU; Vitamin E (all-rac-alfa tocopherylacetate): 150,0 mg; AMINO ACIDS: Taurine: 1.500,0 mg; L – carnitine: 100,0 mg; TRACE ELEMENTS: Iron (iron(II)sulfate (monohydrate)): 50,0 mg; Copper (copper (II)sulfate (pentahydrate)): 10,0 mg; Zinc (zinc (II)sulfate (monohydrate)): 50,0 mg; Manganese (manganese (II)sulfate (monohydrate)): 10,0 mg; Iodine (calcium iodate): 1,5 mg; Selenium (sodium selenite): 0,2 mg.

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein: 28,0; Crude fat: 19,0; Omega 3 fatty acids: 1,0; Omega 6 fatty acids: 3,7; Inorganic matter: 7,5; Crude fiber: 3,0; Humidity: 9,0.

Feeding Guide

Your dog's daily portion:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Arthur A.

Cookie is a London based Cocker Spaniel.
We come over to Antwerp once every three weeks. And every time we stop at the Zowizoo in Kontich to get our bags of Gutsy because Cookie absolutely loves them. He used to eat Royal Canin but he was not that enthousiast about it. But now that he gets his bowl of Gutsy he really eats his bowl in one go 🙌

Papie P.

Pipa is een Italiaans windhondje. Ze is ondertussen 11 jaar en ze is sinds 2 maanden Gutsy aan het eten. Ze vind het echt super lekker. Normaal eet ze enkel zalm, verse kip, ... En nu eet ze eindelijk echt flink brokjes!

Marijke p.
Lekkere knapperige brokjes

En of Orso de Gutsy brokken lekker vindt 😅
We werden uitgenodigd op het kantoor van Gutsy.
Daar stond nog een zak open. Het duurde niet lang en hij zat er al mijn zijn lange speurneus in.
Het was echt een super leuke ervaring om Gutsy achter de schermen bezig te zien.
Een heel cool bedrijf dat heel lekkere hondenvoeding produceert. 👌👌👌

Caroline P.
Pippa likes it!

Van puppy af een moeilijke eter maar Gutsy viel onmiddellijk in de smaak! Hier alvast een winner..

Linda v.d.E.
Chihuahua approved

Mijn twee klein (b)engeltjes zijn er zot van!

They already joined the pack

Quinn is crazy about Gutsy. She has never emptied her bowl so quickly. Best of all, she doesn't even realize that she is doing her part for the climate.

Sofie & Quinn

Nono is a proud mother of 4 fantastic puppies. With Gutsy, we have found a perfectly balanced diet for the whole family.

Manon & Nono

We had to search for a long time for the right food for Henry as he is allergic to all kinds of ingredients, but thanks to Gutsy's hypoallergenic dog food, these allergies are a thing of the past.

Tom & Henry