A Gutsy Subscription

First month 50% discount

The first month we split the bill. We make sure that your order will be delivered to your home every month while saving you money, and time and helping us on our journey to a better planet.


10% Discount

By taking out a subscription, you save up to 10% on your dog's favorite kibble. Better for our planet and your wallet.


Our nutrition calculator determines how much your dog needs on a monthly basis according to their type, weight and age. Next, We deliver your order directly to your door each month. This saves you time and you do not have to worry about your dog's next meal. We know who will be wagging their tail...


Our subscription can be canceled quickly and easily through your personal account without any barriers.

They already joined the pack

Quinn is crazy about Gutsy. She has never emptied her bowl so quickly. Best of all, she doesn't even realise that she is doing her part for the climate.

Sofie & Quinn

Nono is a proud mother of 4 fantastic puppies. With Gutsy, we have found a perfectly balanced diet for the whole family.

Manon & Nono

We had to search for a long time for the right food for Henry as he is allergic to all kinds of ingredients, but thanks to Gutsy's hypoallergenic dog food, these allergies are a thing of the past.

Tom & Henry