Natural Chicken Toy


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All our toys are made from 100% natural materials so that your faithful companion can let off steam and do their part to protect the planet. Dogs are made for nature, just like our toys. 

we ensure that all of our toys are made without any harmful chemicals or toxins that could harm your furry friend.

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They already joined the pack

Quinn is crazy about Gutsy. She has never emptied her bowl so quickly. Best of all, she doesn't even realize that she is doing her part for the climate.

Sofie & Quinn

Nono is a proud mother of 4 fantastic puppies. With Gutsy, we have found a perfectly balanced diet for the whole family.

Manon & Nono

We had to search for a long time for the right food for Henry as he is allergic to all kinds of ingredients, but thanks to Gutsy's hypoallergenic dog food, these allergies are a thing of the past.

Tom & Henry