Sample Box

Our Gutsy Sample Box consist of the following items:

☑️ 2kg Gutsy bag of your choice 

☑️ Furry Charms snack

☑️ Chicken Winners snack

Locally produced
100% Recycable
Ridiculously tasty
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Why try Gutsy?


Gutsy uses insects as an outstanding source of protein. The ecological footprint of insects is 30 times smaller per kg than that of beef. This means that by serving Gutsy you and your dog have the opportunity to reduce your own carbon footprint as well.

Locally produced

To keep our pawprint as small as possible, we exclusively choose local products. All of Gutsy's ingredients are carefully chosen and come from within a 100-mile radius of where we make our delicious kibble.

100% recyclable

Our packaging is made of mono-plastic, which means all bags are 100% recyclable. So please make sure to sort them after use!

ridiculously tasty

Spoil your dog with crunchy dog food full of flavor. Because your faithful companion only deserves the best.

a surprising solution

With our hybrid solution, using both insects and chicken, we make sustainable dog food sexy and accessible. Join the Gutsy pack on our adventure to change the world.

Expert approved

Thanks to our collaboration with accredited experts, we are able to serve fantastic kibble which taste deliciously and digest wonderfully.

They already joined the pack

Quinn is crazy about Gutsy. She has never emptied her bowl so quickly. Best of all, she doesn't even realise that she is doing her part for the climate.

Sofie & Quinn

Nono is a proud mother of 4 fantastic puppies. With Gutsy, we have found a perfectly balanced diet for the whole family.

Manon & Nono

We had to search for a long time for the right food for Henry as he is allergic to all kinds of ingredients, but thanks to Gutsy's hypoallergenic dog food, these allergies are a thing of the past.

Tom & Henry