A dog on a field, Gutsy logo and Winner logo.

Gutsy & WinWinner: Investing in an insect-based future 🪲


For their studies at Ghent University, founders Achilles Hannecart and Jack Lathouwers developed the business plan for Gutsy. A topical theme the two wanted to work on was the ecological footprint. Since Jack and Achilles had welcomed a dog into the family at the same time, they were looking for ways to reduce the paw print of their beloved four-legged friends.

It occurred to the duo that people today are already doing a good job of replacing meat with alternatives like insects, so why not with dogs? Thus began their research into insect-based dog food.

After extensive market research and sustainability studies, our dog food is proving to be popular and effectively a lot more sustainable than existing products. Gutsy just introduced its product to the market and is now looking for investment to expand and fully capture that market. Our company is therefore launching a crowd-lending campaign at WinWinner to raise €150,000 in growth funding.

The public can invest from €500 up to €5,000 in this project, regardless of the chosen loan type. There are 2 offered loan types: a winwinloan (the subordinated win loan with a suspensive condition) and the crowd loan (standardized subordinated loan with a suspensive condition.) 

Why the investment?

The investment will be used for:

  • The recruitment of a marketing expert
  • The development and production of dog snacks
  • Media budget and marketing investments

Investing in us can be done through:

  • The win-win loan: 1.5% annual gross interest + 2.5% annual tax credit, 30% guarantee on the outstanding amount, term 5 years with one-time repayment
  • The crowd loan: 5.5% annual gross interest rate, term 4 years with one-time repayment. Since Gutsy qualifies for the withholding tax exemption, the gross yield of the crowd loan is also the net yield.

For a more detailed overview & perhaps the opportunity to invest, check the following link: