Gutsy adventurous dog walk.

Hoe bereid je je hond voor op een wandeling?

1. Build up endurance

Everybody has to train for a marathon, even your dog. A dog might look in shape, but nevertheless, you'll have to prepare for your ultimate dog hike. We recommend going for longer walks or starting for runs with your dog. Building up the distance and the pace.

 A day at the beach, where your furry friend can go for a crazy exhausting run on the sand, will do miracles. 

Build up the hike itself by going to your favorite park, and going off-track. 

2. Buy the right gear.

Bowls and bottles are the keys to keeping your furry friend hydrated and fed at all times. These hikes can take longer than expected, so be sure you are prepared to feed all the parties during the hike. Be sure to buy a two-in-one feeder, that can contain enough water and food.

You can attach a little pouch to your belt or backpack, to give treats to your courageous dog. Don't forget that the ridiculously tasty Chicken Munchies can satisfy as treats, no need to hand your dog different and fattier snacks. 

For the hike itself, we recommend a fluorescent Y-harness with a long leash, so your dog feels comfortable at all times and can wander around safely. Anything other than a Y-harness be very uncomfortable for your dog and very painful in extreme situations, Not want to jinx your hike but you know what they say, prepare for worse…. Talking about the worse, hang a tag with your phone number and dog's name on the harness. Enough of this sausage. Case scenario talk.

If you are planning for an overnight hike do not forget to buy some lights for your dog, just to increase the awareness of people around. That you are indeed on a hike with your attack dog.

3. What about the poop? 

This is a very important question and we got the right answer for you. If you are going on a hike, be sure to bring the poop bags, and throw them in a bin when one can be found. Given that you are on a hike in the middle of nature, maybe bring a box or back that can be sealed, so the smell won't follow you everywhere you go. 

When you are gone for several days, be sure to bring a shovel to dig. Important disclaimer: Burry it at least 20 centimeters deep. We hope we have answered the burning question that was on everyone's lips, but nobody dares to ask. 

4. Find the right trail.

There are multiple sites where you can find amazing hikes, even some sites where they recommend hikes that are dog friendly be weary of hikes with sharp rocks... We will list the links for you underneath this blog. Your dog will have fun anyways, be sure to pick out a hike that you are willing to do with the right landscape and the right conditions.