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Reviewed Excellent on Google with a score of 4.9/5
Gutsy uses local ingredients from Belgian farmers.
Gust scores among the best brands in Belgium
Our kibble has been voted product of the year 2024.
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Why try Gutsy?

Unique protein combination

Our chunks contain 85% animal proteins that come from chicken and insects. Insects are very pure proteins and amino acids and are easily digestible. Chicken is very tasty and packed with taurine.

High quality ingredients

Our chunks contain unique ingredients such as insects, chicken combined with fresh vegetables and fruit that are also 100% natural, we score enormously with fussy eaters.

Made in Belgium

Our chunks are produced on Belgian soil. We make a difference by supporting local farmers. 90% of our ingredients come from a radius of 160 km around Ghent.

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Benefits of insects


Our chunks are hypoallergenic and therefore perfect for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Allergic reactions are a thing of the past, just ask our loyal customer Otis!

Most pure protein source

Not all proteins are easy to digest. That's where Gutsy makes the difference. We only use high-quality and easily digestible proteins in our dog food.

A healthier alternative

The insect proteins have a high digestibility score and a low carbon footprint, making them a healthier alternative for dogs and the planet.

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Are already convinced

Quinn loves Gutsy. She has never finished her bowl so quickly. Best of all, she doesn't even realize she's doing her bit for the climate.

Sofie & Quinn

Nono is a proud mother of 4 fantastic puppies. With Gutsy we have found a perfectly balanced diet for the whole family.

Manon & Nono

We had to search for a long time for the right food for Henry because he is allergic to all kinds of ingredients, but thanks to Gutsy's hypoallergenic dog food, these allergies are a thing of the past.

Tom & Henry