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They are already convinced

The Gutsy team is young, dynamic and ambitious! Their goal? Making dogs and their owners happy with healthy and ecologically responsible food. They do not shy away from any (business) adventure and that is great to see! It is a pleasure to work with them.


With Gutsy in our concept store, we get more four-legged friends, who immediately go to the Gutsy corner! A conscious store naturally also includes a conscious brand. Gutsy is a planet-friendly, locally produced product and it fits together! Win-win, healthy dogs and happy owners! We are very happy with this great initiative.

Moose In The City

With Gutsy in our range we can help even more dogs with problems. In addition, Gutsy has a positive impact on the environment, something we also consider important in our range. A clear win-win for us.

Horta Oudenaarde